Sacred EquinoX: 68 minute independent documentary on visible archaeoastronomy and Gaelic Ogham writing resetting America's history no less than 1021 years before Columbus
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archaeology's embrace of subjectivism betrays it as unscientific
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press release: Sacred EquinoX 24-hour pay-per-views now $4.71 — December 2018
The Sacred EquinoX documentary examines evidence of non-indigenous American rock art and archaeoastronomy that irritates mainstream archaeology and anthropology, largely united in Clovis-only research, scandalizing history with an epic oversight. On September 2018's Equinox Weekend, the program premiered to a worldwide audience, featuring free video streams to viewers watching in over a dozen countries via exclusive HD streams from ad-free VIMEO.
Eye-witness accounts from the most remote canyons in the heart of North America may reset our continent’s history to a thousand years earlier than Columbus, perhaps even to the pre-Christian era. The rugged terrain yields heliolithic evidence: sun-kissed rock art on equinoxes, cross quarters and the summer solstice, astronomical sun dials, illustrations – some erotic – and Gaelic Ogham writing carved into sandstone. Evidence in southeast Colorado includes a known triple planetary conjunction in the constellation of Gemini (Noble Twins), memorialized in rock on Lughnasad 471, within a stone amphitheater home to a breathtaking sunrise double alignment, possible only twice a year. The sighting target is an isolated inscribed ring, slightly larger than the human head, facing the east-northeast horizon notched by a rock overhang silhouetted 42 feet distant. This solar observatory to the pagan holiday in August aligns, as well, on the sister cross-quarter, Beltaine, in early May. The Chinese constellation Chi nü, Mithras with his entourage, Celtic Goddess Sheela-na-gig and accurately carved solstice polar tilts of Earth’s axis relative to its orbit of the Sun, co-star in astronomy-rich Oklahoma rock shelters.
Mainstream archaeology forever has dismissed ancient foreign travel to America as nonsense. Yet, a team of scientific experts organically assembled, mostly as volunteers over the past three decades. Watch as they explain matters from discovery through interpretation. After viewing, you may wonder whether America's earliest written history is being subverted, on purpose, by vested academia inflexible within its narrow-minded humanity.
Scott Monahan
Scott Monahan is the primary force behind Sacred EquinoX begun in March 2014. Working as a broadcast journalist in radio and TV in Denver from the mid 1970s to mid 1980s, Scott's pilot documentary History on the Rocks introduced preliminary evidence for ancient rock writing associated with seasonal heliolithics in southeast Colorado and the Oklahoma Panhandle. The doc earned Scott a regional Emmy nomination for the hour-long program premiering May 7, 1985 on KRMA-TV (PBS) in Denver, Colorado. Scott has examined ancient Arabic writing along the Purgatoire River in Southeastern Colorado matching an alphabet of sounds from thousands of years ago in southern Arabia. A linguist from Dhofar visited Colorado to confirm the amazing match of complex alphabetic characters separated by the globe itself. Found nowhere else.
Archeology's indictment is its selective cover-ups: a decades-long refusal to investigate evidence of pre-Columbian visitations to America. Academic authorities on Wikipedia's archaeoastronomy article (Part 8) Fringe archaeoastronomy, dismiss a related Celtic inscription — the Wyoming County petroglyph in West Virginia — for its "cultural inappropriateness". Typical denials are superficial, insulting and shameful, effectively de-legitimizing the anomalous archaeoastronomy I've witnessed over decades. By sharing multiple time compressions from multiple perspectives at multiple shrines to time-critical solar correspondencies at equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarter moments, my hope is to advance scientific methodology, particularly and the scientific imperative to investigate. At last, academic gatekeepers can be held accountable for a collective blind eye toward meritorious and historic discoveries that happen to be non-indigenous.

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