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archaeology's embrace of subjectivism betrays it as unscientific
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Mission Statement on how Archaeological Authoritarianism impacts History

Cloaked in an institutional dogma1, Archaeology scorns American History — from August 471 CE2 and possibly earlier3 — alphabetically written in rock4 with contextual, representational astronomical engravings memorializing equinox5, cross quarter and solstice alignments in canyon shelters across the USA's heartland6.
Refusal to investigate this expanding body of evidence7 — far more complex than a related West Virginia site dismissed for its "cultural inappropriateness"8 — betrays a scientific imperative to impartially review evidence9.

footnote references
1 "Who Were the First Americans?" by Michael D. Lemonick and Andrea Dorfman Pay Wall TIME cover story for March 13, 2006, page 52 column 3 or our PDF of excerpt Fair Use
"...in a field so recently liberated from a dogma that has kept it in an intellectual straightjacket since Franklin Roosevelt was President, all sorts of ideas are suddenly on the table."

2 Retired NASA rocket scientist/astronomer Rollin Gillespie at Sun Temple in 1986
"This is the writing that tells us, the Noble Twins. This spells that out in ancient Gaelic, in Ogham writing.
Noble Twins inscription at Colorado's Sun Temple
Now, this writing is
superimposed on a
pattern of plus marks
which we interpret
to be the stars of
the Noble Twins in
the sky — the
constellation Gemini.
Now, superimposed on
on that pattern is
also 3 plus marks:
Saturn, Jupiter & Venus.
It matches a pattern
that was present
in the sky in 471 AD."
triple planetary conjunction in Gemini in August 471 confirmed by FREE astronomy app SkyViewFree for Apple and Android mobile devices. Download from the Apple Store or from Google Play
triple planetary conjunction in Gemini in August 471 confirmed by astronomy mobible app SkyViewFree

3 "The Diffusionists Have Landed" by Mark K. Stengel, The Atlantic January 2000
the middle of 3 parts of the issue's cover story, with links to introductory and concluding parts

4 Oklahoma Panhandle NosePointer Ogham video of translation by Dr. Barry Fell in 1984
ᚌᚏᚍ ᚆᚆᚆᚆᚆᚆ ᚋ ᚈᚇ ᚌᚍ ᚇᚄ ᚆᚋᚇ ᚋ ᚉᚈᚇ "Grian sé mhí thuaidh  theas ansin mhí eile (Sun six months north, south then months other): This is Old Gaelic, and we're guessing at the vowels because the vowels aren't written. Probably an Old Gael, if he were around, would say something like, 'What on Earth are you trying to say?' We don't really know how it was pronounced."

5 Sacred EquinoX video excerpts of SE Colorado / Oklahoma Panhandle canyon lands archaeoastronomy; captured, time compressed, captioned/illustrated/highlighted in HD
Sacred EquinoX documentary teaser – https://vimeo.com/213380062

6 30 year Colorado Archaeological Society member Peter Faris reviews Sacred EquinoX
"I happen to know that some of the archaeoastronomy sites actually work as advertised, I have seen them do it."
"...thirty some years ago a rock with runes on it from North America would have been laughed out of the building, now that we know of three possible Pre-Columbian viking settlements in North America what should the reaction be?"

7 Colorado Daily CU Boulder news article on academic community's rejection of Ogham writing carved by overseas visitors 1533 years before that Nov. 2004 night's show & tell.
"There are no professional archaeologists who would take this claim seriously," CU anthropology professor Doug Bamforth agreed.

8 Wikipedia Archaeoastronomy article section 8 Fringe third paragraph by archaeologist Alun Salt and historian Steve McCluskey in 2008 after forcing me out as an article contributor
...Gallagher*, Pyle**, and Fell*** interpreted inscriptions in West Virginia as a description in Celtic Ogham**** alphabet of the supposed winter solsticial marker at the site. The controversial translation was supposedly validated by a problematic archaeoastronomical indication in which the winter solstice sun shone on an inscription of the sun at the site. Subsequent analyses criticized its cultural inappropriateness, as well as its linguisitic and archaeoastronomical***** claims, to describe it as an example of "cult archaeology".******

9 CBS Evening News with Dan Rather March 23, 1987 closing feature story spawned by my History on the Rocks documentary, KRMA-TV (PBS) Denver – May 7, 1985
ends: "With every equinox this little band feels closer to re-writing history, even if it is done in a place as unlikely as the Oklahoma Panhandle. Bob McNamara, CBS News, on the Colorado-Oklahoma border."

"I'm trying to liberate mankind from the crippling influences of faulty culture."
ends Part One at TimeCode 20:14
opens Epilogue at TimeCode 55:34
Rollin Gillespie NASA rocket scientist "It's going to take a generation of people being shown better evidence than we have been able to show them in the past."
                    – 36 years ago 1984
Part One at script TimeCode 19:49

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