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archaeology's embrace of subjectivism betrays it as unscientific
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starts w/ Don Rickey 1975

archaeology disses evidence

post-processual archaeology

Lehrburger-Monahan article

fresh Sacred EquinoX script

Leonard: Oklahoma Mithras

archaeology as a dynasty

No Flat Ogham myth busted

January 2000 cover story

buried deep in The Atlantic online The Diffusionists Have Landed  part 1  part 2  part 3
Dismissive Archaeology and Academics vs. Scholars who advocated for Ogham in USA
I have been pestered by these people with their "ogams", with drawings and colour photographs and slides and "interpretations" of the "inscriptions"; and have been wondering whatever is happening to scholarship in the U.S.A.
— Celtic Department Chair Kenneth Jackson University of Edinburgh, Scotland
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There are no professional archaeologists who would take these claims seriously.
Doug Bamforth, Professor of Anthropology at University of Colorado, Boulder campus
top center library PDF Colorado Daily
For archaeologists, the question is settled. There's not support for the idea of ogham writing.Michelle Stevens, Forest Service archaeologist, Comanche National Grasslands regarding inscription at Colorado's Crack Cave near Oklahoma, reported by Colorado Springs Gazette, see newspaper article online

   Barry Fell     Robert Meyer  David H. Kelley
Barry Fell Robert Meyer David H. Kelley
  @10:13-:18   @52:42-:44    @63:25-:42
Sacred EquinoX script time code references
filmed in his San Diego home study in 1984
Barry Fell retired Harvard Prof. and author
ᚌᚏᚍ ᚆᚆᚆᚆᚆᚆ ᚋ ᚈᚇ ᚌᚍ ᚇᚄ ᚆᚋᚇ ᚋ ᚉᚈᚇ :05
Grian sé mhí thuaidh  theas ansin mhí eile
Sun 6 months north        south months other
filmed within Anubis Cave, Oklahoma in 1986
Robert Meyer Professor of Celtic,
Catholic University of America, Washington DC
It is certainly true Ogham.            :02
and filmed just below Anubis Cave in 1989
David H. Kelley, linguist who cracked the Maya script, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I think there are several reasonably clear Oghams, translatable, ah, as Celtic in this cave and that and this one along   :17

Robert Mark PhD. US Geological Survey, 9/23/1986 I think that a reasonable case has been made that there's something of interest here that deserves further study; and I would hope that it gets that sort of study. :09 — Robert Mark US Geological Survey 1986 doc script @45:08-:17
Sunrise alignment at Crack Cave, 9/23/1986

Why do we think that people who were ancient were primitive? There was so very much accumulated knowledge in ancient times that went up in smoke at the Library of Alexandria Egypt and the whole world would have advanced so much more rapidly in all scientific ways if that knowledge had been preserved. :22 — Gloria Farley author In Plain Sight 1984 doc script @12:41-13:03
Gloria Farley discoverer and author 1984

I look at sites more in terms of what the Chinese call chi or Earth energy sites. And it's constantly confirmed that the ancients were more sensitive to Earth energies than we are. Places do have the imprint of human consciousness. :18 — Martin Brennan maverick archaeoastronomer, author Stones of Time, 2007 doc script @54:25-:43
Martin Brennan Autumnal Equinox 2007

Phil Leonard, author
Here we have a Sun God with rays coming out of his head, a rayed crown, and he stands over a cube. We know that Plato told us that, in his Timaeus, that, ah, the cube represented the Earth. And this Solar God rising up over the Earth at the point of the equinox ...and that god is known to be Mithras. :27 — Phil Leonard author PDF Oklahoma Mithras large file will load 2005 staff, cape and phallus highlighted in purple Sacred EquinoX script @11:43-12:10
Mithras standing on a cube carved in Oklahoma

6 month inscription on pillar between Nosepointer and Anubis caves in Oklahoma
This inscription says, In shade the 12 scale divisions —these are the 12 scale divisions — until the day after the Balance Day in the month of lambing, which would be March which is when the sheep had their lambs. On the day of the equinox, half of these marks, the 6 that are indexed up, will be lighted. The next day, the other 6 marks will have light land on them just as the inscription says. :26 — Bill McGlone author, day before 1984 fall equinox (spring reversal), with Rollin Gillespie, inscription is below 12 scale divisions Sacred EquinoX script @20:39-21:05
Bill McGlone, author

Rollin Gillespie NASA rocket scientist
Sun Temple Amphitheater August 2015
This is the writing that tells us, the Noble Twins. This spells that out in ancient Gaelic, in Ogham writing. Now, this writing is super- imposed on a pattern of plus marks, which we interpret to be the stars of the Noble Twins in the sky, the constellation Gemini. Now, superimposed on that pattern is also 3 plus marks, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. It matches a pattern that was present in the sky in 471 A.D. :33 — Rollin Gillespie Apollo era NASA rocket scientist 1986 Sacred EquinoX @24:46-25:19
August 471 triple planetary conjunction in Gemini constellation
August 471 rock carving memorial in Gaelic Ogham to triple planetary conjunction observed on Lughnasad Irish Cross Quarter

Archaeologists prejudge these claims as culturally inappropriate in bluntly ignoring the value of these sites.
Archaeology believes itself a real science, while avoiding the scientific imperative to investigate these finds.
Only archaeologists may dig for artifacts. In its peer review, dogmatic and sometimes false beliefs prevail.

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