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Sacred EquinoX
ᚄᚐᚉᚏᚓᚇ ᚓᚊᚒᚔᚅᚑᚙ
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Sacred EquinoX indicts archaeology for ignoring Gaelic writing and sundials in America carved August 471 and before
trailer one Chinese and four European
constellations carved in Oklahoma 2:24

equinox and cross-quarter solar alignments archaeologists ignore
teaser equinox and cross-quarter solar
alignments archaeologists ignore 3:00
1987 survey flat ogham Mt.Callan
prequel proof of Flat Ogham
denied by archaeology 15:11
icon of 2017 solar eclipse near Riverton WY
2017 Solar Eclipse
Riverton, WY 4:47

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astronomer Rollin Gillespie
Gemini greets 3 planets, 471

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linguist explains Ogham

Prof. David H. Kelley, U. of
Calgary, on the Gaelic cipher

archaeological malpractice's
Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews
authoritarian flame-out

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post-processual dilemma: archaeology pretends to be scientific as it subjectively filters thought — 3 independent sources
on the web
May 20, 2017 RockArtBlog

CO Archaeological Society's
Peter Faris review of project

last press in Sept. 2008

equinox sunrise site reopens
$30/visitor, restricted views

Stone Age Columbus
BBC Two Horizon 2002

Smithsonian's Dennis Stanford: When you dig deeper than Clovis a lot of people do not report it because they're worried about the reaction of their (archaeological and anthropological) colleagues.

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golden moments of precise alignments twice a year, weather permitting
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